We interview Griff Rhys Jones!

It can’t be a bad job travelling the world on camera…


Griff: I’ve been doing it for 20 years now! Comedy really is the greatest gig – I always say thanks to my audiences for paying for my venue hire…but it’s a pact with the devil too. Michael Palin took over the world, you see, he went everywhere, so when I said, ‘I want to go here!’, producers replied, ‘nope, Palin is already there…’. I had to find a new job – turned out that was climbing up mountains. The new buzz word was ‘Jeprody’ and the game was ‘scare the shit out of Griff’, throw me off mountains!


You are a comedian, writer, actor, presenter, TV production founder and now explorer  – there’s a lot of strings to your bow!


So many strings it’s difficult to fire my bow! But I’m not trying to be impressive and this is the show for anybody and everybody! It addresses the major things like youthful freedom and then suddenly you have kids in their 30s and they’re leaving home any minute! To travel you have to forget the taxes, forget the daughter’s dog, clear the decks! I’ll advise you in the show. In a Question Time forum.


Do you still race in regattas?


Still racing! I’m no good! I have an old wooden boat because old boats are cheaper. It’s a glam area now and we can’t beat the billionaires! I might need a new job to earn lots of money.


How many countries have you visited – what is your favourite and why?


I’m a fond brit. Young people jump on a plane and forget the lakes! Although Japan – I long to go to Japan, but what I would say is don’t forget the Scottish highlands, Somerset – so many beautiful places in Britain.

But my favourite…Finland. I should be the knight of Finland. The south coast has 80,000 islands – extraordinary. I sailed there from Kent to St Petersburg!


You have had many adventures, what is the funniest thing that has happened on your travels…


Hmm nearly drowning? I have to do dangerous stuff – which is funny in retrospect!

But I did have a crazy time in Morocco – it was the 1980s and myself and my wife Mel had walked out 100 yards when we were stopped by a man who wanted to show us around. We said no and he started swearing at us, following us around, when the next 100 yards we met another man who wanted to be our guide and so HE joined the swearing group…crazy Morocco!


What about the scariest…


In line skating! In Paris every Wednesday during rush hour they stopped the traffic and everyone whistles around the monuments. Well I wanted to do it but we’d decided to film on a Friday. We couldn’t make the Wednesday. No traffic stopped and I wobbled along hoping I lived!


The question everyone wants to know the answer to is what is the best way to pack a suitcase – fold or roll?


Open my suitcase and everything is in containers. Socks. Electrical. Both in bags. Fold or roll is irrelevant. But I can’t tell you how to get a plane upgrade yet.


What is your message to anyone that hasn’t got tickets to your show yet?


Honestly promise it’s a funny show. I’m coming back to Guildford because I had such a great time – we had a hoot in Guildford and we’ve even added dates to the tour.


Thank you Griff! Tickets to see Griff Rhys Jones in July can be found here!


Griff Rhys Jones

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