Cirque Berserk presents The Mustache Brothers!

Known for their skilled acrobatic and comedy duo act, this Brazilian Duo have come to spice up circus!

Cirque Berserk is Britain’s biggest theatre-circus spectacular!

_BER0693 - Photographer_Piet-Hein_Out - T0031612574451 - wwwcircusphotographercom.jpg

_BER0678 - Photographer_Piet-Hein_Out - T0031612574451 - wwwcircusphotographercom.jpg


“We are two very dedicated and strong Brazilian men with great enthusiasm to please where ever we go.
Together, we apply skilled technique to our special comedy act. We strive to see the smiles from young children, adults and the elderly but also from our employers.
It is extremely important that our passion, love and joy of life and work is seen through our work. I hope you enjoy watching!”



Don’t forget you can buy tickets to see Cirque Berserk here! The show visits Guildford Tuesday 12 – Saturday 16 June.


★★★★★ Great for kids and even better for adults! The Sun

★★★★ A NutriBullet of contemporary circus!’ The Times

★★★★ A spectacle that will delight any age at any time, and whether you are a fan of circus or not, there will be something in there that will leave you speechless.’ Edinburgh Guide

★★★★ Heart-stoppingly good fun’ Time Out


Watch The Mustache Brothers’ last tour below!

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